Dec 2, 2012


Where do you do most of your shooting? 
I am a member of the Arnold Rifle and Pistol Club located in Pevely, Missouri and do most of my shooting there. It is a fantastic gun club with a wide variety of shooting opportunities: bench rest, cowboy action shooting, trap, skeet, various kinds of steel plate, IDPA, CMP matches, bullseye shooting, etc. It is a private gun club and is a NRA Gold Club level facility requiring all members to have and maintain current NRA membership. I highly recommend it! The only thing our club does not have is a really long range rifle range. We only go to 100 yards.

Why do you shoot at the camera, isn't that dangerous for the person behind the camera? 
There is never anyone behind the camera during these scenes. The camera is remotely controlled. At no time is anyone in danger when I'm "shooting at the camera." Not even the camera, since I'm shooting at an angle just past the camera, which is actually usually twenty feet or more away, zoomed in.  

Why do you post variations on the same weapon? Or make shorter or different videos from the same video content? 
When I shoot video, I like to make the most of the content, preparing shorter videos from the raw files, etc. The reason is simple. The more videos I offer on my channel, the more viewers I receive and hence, the more ad revenue I make. That means I can buy more ammo and make more videos. It's all good.  

What is your shooting background?
I am a lifelong shooter. I grew up along Bayou Grande in Warrington, Florida and would spend, quite literally, every waking moment exploring the shorline plinking away with my Benjamin Air Rifle. For you younger folks, yes, there was a time when a boy could spend hours walking around with a rifle and shooting at anything that moved [safely of course] without somebody calling out a SWAT team. From there I moved up to NRA shooting competitions and shot anything I could get my hands on. I let the hobby lapse for a long time, until both my sons joined Boy Scouts and got involved in shooting camps and shooting merit badges. From there my love of firearms and shooting was rekindled.

How can you afford to shoot so many different guns?
Fortunately, guns tend to hold their value pretty well, so I do a lot of buying/selling/trading to get a chance to use various kinds of firearms and brands of firearms. The revenue from the YouTube channel helps fund the hobby too!

Do you make money from people watching your videos? 
Absolutely, yes. Via Google's "Adsense" program I receive a modest amount of revenue every month. Every penny is plowed back into my channel and making more videos, via the purchase of weapons, ammo, equipment, etc. The "end user," of my videos, the viewers doesn't pay a dime to watch videos. The money has come in handy buying ammo, camera gear, etc.

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